How to summarize the Death Valley... ?

Hard to tell. As like any other deserts, it is something you have to live for understanding...

We went there in January this year, a pretty convenient period in the year. You do not want to go in the Death Valley during the summer otherwise you'll discover very soon why it is named this way ;-)

First, some geography


The Death Valley is known as the hottest and the driest place in North America. It has an area of about 7,800 km2. The highest point in Death Valley itself is Telescope Peak in the Panamint Range, which has an elevation of 3,366 m.

So now,  it's time to tell you a bit more about the following of my road trip. Last time I told you we were in Las Vegas.

The next day we left Las Vegas in the morning and drove onto the 190 road and arrived in the Death Valley National Park a couple a hours later.

Don't forget to have a GPS before you enter in this national state park... as no surprise in the desert there is no 3G/4G... so if you do not want to loose yourself, bring a GPS with you ;-)


We spent the afternoon driving through the Death Valley National park, and the less I can say is that it was probably one of my best moment during my trip (ok well each day has been one of the best moments of this trip ;-)), it was actually one of my best trip!

When you are approaching the park, you have no idea how you're going to go through it, you can only see this impressive mountain chain in front of you and you're going straight forward....

Then the magical begins, and you are in the middle of it without even understanding how you did it. The mystery of the deserts...

As you can see on the pictures above Badwater basin is an incredibly place. I was completely voiceless in the middle of this area. You can see that the basin is located 85m under the sea level (check on the pictures to see it).

The ground is as white as salt, since it is actually almost pure table salt! #Itastedit

I was really expecting a lot from this place and I have not been disappointed. I left my heart in the Death Valley...

Also we've seen the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, but did not take any pictures of them, it is as you can imagine; sand dunes :)

What you might want also to do (and that I couldn't do as we did not have enough time) is, when you are on the Badwater road, to make a slightly detour (about 40min) to go seing the Artist's Palette and drive. The Artist's Palette is a famous place on the Black Mountains area where you can see a variety of rock colors. These colors are caused by the oxidation of different metals (iron compounds produce red, pink and yellow, decomposition of tuff-derived mica produces green, and manganese produces purple) #thankswikipediafortheexplanation.



So peaceful area...

We left the Death Valley in the afternoon to go to the City of Angels; Los Angeles. Stay tuned, it is just the beginning!