Road Trip January 2016 Part 1 - Las Vegas

Ok guys, we started our road trip with something big, something huge, something that you can't describe but you have to live and see with your own eyes: Las Vegas!

Quite easy to arrive there from San Jose airport, only 1.5 hours flight. Yeah! (#americanstyle)


And once landed, you have not yet picked up your luggages that you already know where you are.


After picking up the car (way too far from the airport...) we went straight forward to our hotel. And if you go to Vegas, don't be shy and don't do things by halves, but just book one of these five stars hotel (if you early book it is honestly the same price as any other hotel on the strip, and some are really not worthing it compared to the five stars). Well, so guess what, we booked the Bellagio, Yeahhhhhh!

Do not miss the fountains show, each night between 7pm and 00am (If I remember correctly), every 15 minutes.

What's good with staying at the Bellagio is that you are located in the middle of the strip, and it is very convenient to see most of the attractions. 

For the Las Vegas beginners, you shall know that by attractions I mean visiting the hotels on the strip. Yes, I did not know that before, but it is really part of the attractions there. Hotels are huge and there are casinos inside each of them, as well as restaurants and shops. As you will see on the photos below, hotels are spectaculars.

If you look closer at the photos above and the one with the Statue of Liberty, you'll see a roller coaster, which is right inside the New York Hotel. If you want to do a crazy thing, this is it! Take a ride with the roller coaster, I promise you'll not forget it (and neither your body). I had mixed feelings at the beginning like "OMG where am I, why am I doing this?? I should have not listen to my friend" obviously she was telling me the exact same thing... And of course at the end we were like "OMG it was so fun!!!" "Let's do it again!?" "well... may be not, let's get a magarita instead" #notanymore20yearsold.

So after our Magarita #5fruitsetlegumes (sorry french joke) in a lounge bar at the Bellagio we had dinner at the same place and went dancing at their club #Bellagiolovers. The latter was not really a success, seemed like we did not have the same music tastes! But anyway we played at the casinos and slot machines (or "machines à sous"), and were luckily enough to win $0.20 Yeahhhhbis!! It made our night ;-)

We did not have enough time (one night) to see a show in Vegas, which is something you might want to do if you are staying 2 nights or more. Next time, I'll probably go, as there are plenty of shows to see, like "Le Cirque du Soleil".

Eventually we woke up in this so beautiful hotel (I mean in our room of course, we did not sleep in the lobby, no hangover for us!) and had a such beautiful view!


Time's up, we need to live, and next step is not going to disappoint you, I promise! Death Valley here we come!