Los Angeles was the second stop in our roadtrip.

Remember, we started by Las Vegas the first day, and the day after we passed through the Death Valley, to arrive in the beginning of the evening in Los Angeles.

We aimed to stay 3 days in the City of Angels, and we were right. Three days is the minimum to visit Los Angeles, but you could easily stay the week. As you'll see we focused our stay to visit the most "touristic" places: Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice, Hollywood boulevard...

And it was as great as we imagine, with a slight deception though! I'll tell you more below.

  • A bit of History

The city has been officially founded in September 1781!

Los Angeles has around 4millions of inhabitants and is the second largest city in the US, after of course New York. The ara represents 503 sq/mi or 1,303km2.

There are more than 80 districts, so it would be hard to see everything in just 3 or 4 days...but at least you can try ;)


As I said, we arrived at the end of the day, the sky was already dark and were keen to arrive at our hotel. Luckily it was located in Beverly Hills and since we were driving from the North of LA, we did not have to go through the entire big city to get to our bed!

  • The Hotel

For those who are wondering, the hotel was ok (probably more expansif than it should...), well located... Even though I would not come back at the same place if I would return to L.A.

Even if the room was not the perfect one, I must admit the diner at the hotel restaurant was really good and tasty, as well as the breakfast. So it might be a good spot if you would like to stay one night.


  • The Hollywood Sign

We wanted to see first the Hollywood sign. And guess what, it was quite a fail... once we arrived at the Griffith Observatory (sight point recommended by our travel guide) we did not know in which direction we should look to see the sign! We were seeing nothing.. and were about to think that we were at the wrong place....The truth is, it was a foggy morning and we could not have seen it anyway! #fail. As we were going to spend several days in LA, we thought we might be lucky another time... and we were right.

the sign is really too far from the Observatory, quite deceptive to see it from here...

the sign is really too far from the Observatory, quite deceptive to see it from here...

  • Universal Studios

The real first and full day in L.A. (3rd day of our road trip if you still follow ;)), was a Tuesday. If you are looking to go to the Universal Studios, it is definitely a good idea to go during the weekdays (as you can imagine, it is always better to avoid the weekend).

As you may know, there are 3 different movies studios in LA. How to decide which one should you see? Hard to tell, I've only went to Universal Studio, which I strongly recommend if 1) you are going with kids, 2) you are going without kids but you're still a kid, 3) you like Theme park  4) you would like to go behind-the-scenes or 4) all of that.


We ended up our day on the famous Hollywood boulevard and on the walk of fame, looking for some famous names!



And the less I can say is that it is really hard to find the one you are looking for! 



Do you recognize the hotel on the first picture? If you are born in the eighties and you're a girl, you probably know (although I did not know, but was with a big fan of Pretty Woman ;-))

This is the Beverly Wilshire... where Richard (Gere) lives in the movie! Of course we went on Rodeo drive! #luxuryboutiques

That is it for the day, time to sleep and to prepare the rest of our trip in LA... Santa Monica & Venice we're coming!