Computer History Museum - Mountain View

Computer History Museum - Mountain View

If you want to know everything about computers, then this is the place!

We've been there as there was a Bay Area preschools event. Fortunately we have found one for our daughter!

We took the opportunity to visit the museum then after, the luck was with us since we did not pay our tickets (thanks to Bank of America the first WE of each month the visit is free for its customers).

Honestly I do not remember everything that I've read or listen during this visit (it was a little more too geeky for me ;p) but it was fun to understand more about how all of this "computer world" began here and the role of the different partners at that time.

Our daughter (4 y/o) was not very receptive to the visit, it should probably better to bring kids of 6-7 years old and above.

Anyway, some pictures of the visit :)

And now I know what IBM means...International Business Machines

the first "laptop"

First router, Cisco rocks ! :)

The France duly represented with the Minitel and Marie-Claire ;)

There ware also plenty vintage ads (which I love, especially for their design) :

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