USA vs France #2

USA vs France #2

Today, we are going to do a little comparison between France and USA/California, and again it is just for fun, no judgement ok?! (or may be a little... what? I'm French, I am judgmental)


  1. At the cashier: you've probably already heard about that, but people at the cashier will always ask you "how are you doing?", if you find every thing you needed, if your dog is ok (ok may be not this one), but they really engage a conversation and are not afraid to speak with your kids, or to talk about the products you are buying... And even if it seemed really weird at the beginning for me (aka a French -kind-of-paranoiac- girl) I am getting used to it, and starting to like it, really. It is indeed very nice to speak with people, and receive some smiles!!

2. The showers. It is not possible... and I still do not understand how people here can take a shower with that (i.e shower head):


In our house we are lucky enough to not have one of those showers, but a "real one".

3. ok, now a very serious problem: the vacuum.

Come on guys, are you joking or what? US vacuum are a nightmare! They do not inflate correctly and they weigh heavily...

and you'll notice how convenient is the non retractable wire...


4. Mailing services

The mail box is not just in front of our house but in the garden of our neighbor. It can't be locked with a key like in France, and no far I have received all my mails without any issue. Also, something very useful (but have not yet used) is that you can drop off the mail you would like to send in your own mail box, put the red stick up and the postman will collect your mail to be sent and avoid you to go to the post office.



5. The famous "waste disposal unit" in the sink...

you probably already have seen an horror movie with this kind of thing... The waste disposal unit or "cleaner"! A place where you do not want to let fall something precious! 

Yes I know this is scary...






And Voilà, that's it for today, if you want more France vs USA posts, just tell me in the comments below!

And if you already did experiment one of this difference between France and USA (or any other country), share your story in the comments as well :-)


Have a lovely DAY 


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